Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Performance Research the “Specialists”?

Sponsorship research is all we do. We use only in-house trained, insured, and experienced interviewers to complete your data collection. We work closely with events and properties to ensure access to many events that the sponsor alone may not be equipped to provide. We work independently of any advertising or sponsorship agency, so you can trust us to provide completely objective and reliable data. Most importantly, we know what information is critical to sponsorship decision-making, and can help you utilize it to maximize your success.

Who are Performance Research clients?

Our client roster includes over 50 worldwide corporate sponsors, comprising companies such as Allstate, AB InBev, AT&T, Bank of America, Eastman Kodak, NCAA, NTL, PepsiCo, UBS, and Visa, as well as leading properties and cause-related organizations.

What are clients typically looking for with sponsorship research?

While every project is different, the most typical questions relate to: sponsorship awareness; changes in brand imagery; brand loyalty; activations and promotions that impact success; the demographic and product profiles of event audiences; and the emotional factors that connect fans to a sponsor.

Shouldn’t my “Everyday” research company be able to do this type of work?

Sponsorship research involves many challenges that typical research houses have never experienced. For example, collecting data in the short time frame of events, learning the “language” of sports fans, recognizing sponsorship successes and failures, establishing norms, and providing actionable insight all depend upon experience and specialization in this area.

Does Performance Research find sponsors for those seeking sponsorship?

In order to maintain the highest level of independence and objectivity in our research, we cannot broker deals or find sponsorship funds for properties, events, athletes, or causes.

How do we get started?

Simply call or email us and we can discuss in more detail the objectives of your program, what is measurable through research, and which research methodologies seem most appropriate. From that point, we will write a research proposal outlining the objectives, methodology, costs, and deliverables, and work together to build the most actionable research project possible.