Who Will Win the Kentucky Derby Social Media Race?

We learned a lot last year when we used EVsdrop to listen in on — and analyze — the social media posts from Churchill Downs during the Kentucky Derby weekend. The infographic below shows some of our key findings from 2014.

Kentucky Derby Infographic (1)

We’re looking forward to seeing what happens on the sponsorship side of this year’s Derby. Will sponsors step up their social game and earn more than 2% of the conversation? Will Vineyard Vines “win” the share of voice race again? Only time (and tweets and ‘grams) will tell.

About EVsdrop: EVsdrop is Performance Research’s social media listening and analysis platform made specifically for the events industry. The tool streams social data originating from a specific geographic location (here we targeted Churchill Downs), and we use our 25+ years of sponsorship research expertise to translate what all that social media buzz means for sponsors and event stakeholders.

For additional information about this EVsdrop study or access to our unique stream of data, please reach out to Julia Burke by email (julia@performanceresearch.com) or phone (401-848-0111).