Subway Wins with “The Biggest Loser”

We all know the story of Jared Fogle, the overweight college student who ate only Subway sandwiches for a year and lost an exorbitant amount of weight.  His weight loss plan resulted in a spokesperson position with Subway and a successful advertising campaign dating back to 1999.    Fast forward ten years and Subway is launching another inspiring and brilliant marketing move.

In association with the popular NBC television show, The Biggest Loser, Subway is offering this past season’s contestant Shay Sorrells $1,000 for every pound she loses between now and next season’s finale in May 2010.  She will also receive free meals from the restaurant chain and have the opportunity to join Jared as Subway spokeswomen for 2010.  At the start of this past season Shay was the shows heaviest contestant ever, weighing in at 476 lbs.  As of last weeks Season 8 finale, she has trimmed down to only 304lbs.  Subway hopes that with their help, Shay can continue to drop the pounds through the spring and reach her optimum weight.

The sponsorship of Shay by Subway seems to be a perfect fit for their image.  Subway relies heavily on the promotion of their “Fresh Fit” menu items, and their position as a healthy alternative to other quick service restaurants.  Also, this sponsorship links Subway to one of the most watched reality shows on television; one that brings hope and positive feelings to so many people around the country.  Kudos to Subway for understanding what has worked for them in the past and finding new ways to stick with a good thing!

Also, this blog post would be a “loser” if we cease to mention how The Biggest Loser not only benefits from the program that Subway is offering them, but they also use the power of their show to do their own good deeds.  The television shows offers a program where viewers can go online and pledge to lose weight, with The Biggest Loser donating 14 cents to Feeding the Hungry for each pound lost.   The show also has produced an online weight loss club and fitness video game to promote effective weight loss in the United States.  It’s no wonder that The Biggest Loser is such a winner!

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