Independent Studies

Independent Studies

As leaders in sponsorship research, Performance Research frequently conducts studies on an independent basis to explore new issues or establish research benchmarks for the industry.
Our information is diverse (covering topics from NASCAR to the Arts to Naming Rights) and is frequently updated. Just click the links below to see our current topics.
Many feature accompanying presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, and some are available for free by email, or viewable directly online.

Full List of Independent Studies

United States

BP Oil Spill Ramifications

Consumer attitudes to the oil giant and its marketing

Big Three Still Dominate

Study of Olympic sponsorship at Vancouver

Times Square Advertising: Is it over-the-top or top-of-mind?

A look at how visitors connect to the commercial clutter of Times Square.

At the Olympics, Less May Be More

Study of Olympic sponsorship at Sydney

Americans Welcome Return of Formula 1

Study of sponsorship at the Indianapolis US Formula One Grand Prix

Sponsors Still Live Dream Despite Scandal Nightmare

Consumer attitudes to the Olympics following Salt Lake City Scandal

Picture This: “The Official Sports Drink of the …….. Symphony?”

Consumer attitudes toward corporate sponsorship of the arts

Watch Out For The Ambush 1996

Study of Olympic sponsorship (Atlanta)

Winners and Whiners

Indy Car Study

Loyal NASCAR Fans Please Stand Up

Racestat: a comprehensive analysis of the NASCAR audience

Olympics, What Olympics? Sponsors, What Sponsors

Study of Olympic sponsorship (Lillehammer)

AT&T Win Official Race With Sprint

Study of Olympic sponsorship (Barcelona)

Winter Olympic Viewers “Can’t Beat the Feeling”

Study of Olympic sponsorship (Albertville)

Naming Rights, Naming Wrongs

Consumer reaction to sponsorship of arenas and stadiums


The Wild, Wild East? Sponsorship in Poland

Study explores attitudes to corporate sponsorship among Poles.

Why Do American Formula One Fans Value Sponsors?

Compares and contrasts opinions of visitors to both the 2000 US and 2000 British Formula One Grand Prix.

HOWZAT!! For Sponsorship

UK cricket sponsorship – beyond awareness

British Football Fans Can’t Recall Euro 2000 Sponsors

Research into sponsorship effectiveness at Euro

Caution Flags Fly as CART Set for New Arrival

Attitudes of F1 racing fans to the introduction of US motorsports in Britain

Sponsor Loyalty Left by Roadside

Research at the British F1 Grand Prix

Sponsors Find Home in Dome

Millennium Dome sponsorship awareness study

American Companies Welcome As Smoke Clears From F1

Research among European Formula 1 Grand Prix

Rugby World Cup Findings Are Black And White

Research at the Rugby World Cup