No “Rockets Red Glare” in Myrtle Beach

The city of Myrtle Beach announced on June 28th its decision to call off its sponsorship of a July 4th celebration at BB&T Coastal Field due to financial concerns. The decision to drop the sponsorship will affect a planned picnic, concert, and fireworks show at the stadium, and force holiday visitors to seek entertainment elsewhere.

This is a poor move by the city announcing the cancellation only a week before the holiday weekend. The decision by the city reflects a trend that seems to occur too often, where sponsors feel they are able to change the outcome of events without considering the effect on the people planning to attend the events. As there were surely people who had planned far in advance to attend the celebration this coming weekend, the result will be a strong outpouring of negative emotion for the city of Myrtle Beach. The city has also failed to capitalize on this opportunity in two other ways: 1) by not seeking sponsorship from local business to keep the event alive and stimulating the local economy and 2) forcing people to seek an alternative to a holiday that the city could have owned. Hopefully this will cause the city to think twice before springing something this significant on such short notice again.