Navigating the Toll Plaza

A recent bill in New Jersey would make it possible for major thoroughfares including the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike to accept funds from companies in exchange for advertising space at toll booths.  The bill, which has been approved by the transportation committee, was presented as a means to alleviate tax payer burden and prevent a gas tax increase.

One potential issue that the advertisers might run into is being associated with the prevention of tax hikes.  At first glance people may look at these companies as a savior, but in reality they are only buying advertising space.  Say the taxes are raised anyway, now the drivers have a constant reminder of which companies “didn’t do enough” to help prevent increases, while also managing to create additional sign pollution around toll plazas.

All in all, bringing in revenue is a positive move for the State of New Jersey and this plan does offer a high traffic area for companies to promote their brand.  What will be most important in the activation is how effectively the advertisers can reach people with their message, while keeping themselves above the clutter of tax rates and toll fares.