Making the “Official” Work for Your Brand

Among all professional sports, whether it is MLB, NBA, PGA, NFL, etc., we can highlight many differences in the way the leagues are marketed, one trait remains the same – all of the leagues have “official sponsors”.  Now while having these brands on board helps to provide the league with money and exposure, we find that it doesn’t always do the same for the brand.  However, a recent article tuned us into a tire manufacturer that is combating this trend and making their league sponsorships work for them.

Bridgestone tires recently announced a Facebook promotion where they leverage their title as the “Official Tire of the NFL” and offer people who choose to ‘like’ the tire company on the social media website a chance to win a ticket package to the 2011 Super Bowl.  This type of promotion not only allows fans to win a great prize, but it actively engages them, and promotes the tire company’s relationship with the National Football League.  Bridgestone has also had success running a similar promotion using Facebook by providing fans with the chance to win passes to a professional golf tournament as part of their being the “Official Tire of the PGA”.

While some brands settle for the title of “official sponsor” and having their brand logo flashed at several points during a broadcast, it is great to see a company that is so heavily invested in sponsorship, stepping outside the box and becoming a leader in social media engagement.  We can be sure that other brands will follow this trend if they want to make the most out of their sponsorship programs.

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