Local Sponsor Takes Advantage of Tennis Championships

On Monday, July 5th, the 34th annual Campbell’s Hall of Fame Tennis Championships kicked off in Newport, RI with 32 singles players and 16 sets of doubles competing for the Van Alen Cup. This event, which has been hosted during the week following Wimbledon since 1976, is the only grass court ATP tournament in the U.S. and is a top attraction for the Newport summer crowd. As Performance Research is based in Newport, this event hits particularly close to home. Although the event is an official part of the ATP tour, its low-key nature allows for smaller and/or local businesses to provide sponsorship. This enables companies to gain official recognition without having to shell out a much larger sum for sponsorship of a more internationally-known event, such as a Grand Slam tournament.

One such company that has taken advantage of the tournament is Angela Moore, a locally based fashion designer with retail stores in both Palm Beach and Newport. As part of their sponsorship deal, Angela Moore is hosting a fashion show and champagne breakfast this Thursday, July 8th. In addition, a full day of courtside tennis and an Angela Moore gift certificate are included, which will incentivize those who participate to shop at the local store. Clearly Angela Moore is taking full advantage of their sponsorship through these activations and is making a point to stand out from the list of sponsors. This is a very smart move by Angela Moore to attach their name to a prestigious event and take advantage of a golden opportunity in their market. Hopefully their actions will encourage more local businesses to not only sponsor, but fully utilize local events when considering their marketing objectives.