Kraft is Bringing Down the House with it’s “Cheddar Explosion”

In an interesting sponsorship move out of Texas,  Kraft Foods has signed on to be the official sponsor of the Texas Stadium demolition, or the “Cheddar Explosion” as it has been dubbed. This deal was approved by a unanimous vote from the Irving City Council last Thursday. As per the agreement, Kraft is receiving sponsorship status by donating $150,000 in cash and product to local Irving area charities chosen by both the company and by the city.

While this agreement and the explosion itself is going to generate a lot of positive hype for Kraft, another aspect of the deal is really what attracted my attention. Rather than just give this money and product to local charities, Kraft is engaging the rest of the public by having a competition to find a lucky child to press the detonation button. Children from all over the country will get to compete in a national essay writing contest, with the winner actually taking down the building! With this competition and the media coverage involved with taking down an iconic building, Kraft is poised to engage many consumers in not only the local, but the national arena.