If not for Safety, then at least for Chicken!

A recent article in USA Today presented an interesting partnership that had been going on in three different South Carolina counties.  The local law enforcement departments had teamed up with Chick-fil-A to hand out free sandwich coupons to drivers that were wearing their seat belt while pulled over during routine traffic stops.

This partnership between the chain famous for its “eat mor chikin” campaign (led by talking bovines) and the local law enforcement agencies came as a nice surprise to the drivers who were pulled over.  Not only does it offer the driver a gift, it invokes a sense of pride for doing the right thing.  Also, the recipient is likely to pass along the good news, and more importantly continue wearing their seat belt in the future.

Besides rewarding the driver, the campaign also benefits the law enforcement agencies and Chick-fil-A.  The police gain positive face time with the community, as I am sure that drivers are much more pleased to receive a chicken sandwich rather than a traffic ticket.  And on the other side of the deal, Chick-fila-A stands in a position to increase restaurant traffic, generate appreciation from the community, all while perpetuating their image as a community oriented QSR.

Although we haven’t researched the effectivness of this campaign, we can say that this is an interesting partnership that caused some heads to turn and made some happy drivers in South Carolina.  Kudos to both sides for making a deal that rewards safety while increasing positive awareness!

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