FedEx makes a smart play with the ATP

Here at Performance Research we often applaud sponsorship deals where not only cash is exchanged in return for branding rights, but when we see these deals actually make a positive difference for each of the parties involved.  One recently announced sponsorship where we feel confident that both sides will benefit is the agreement between the Association of Tennis Professionals and FedEx.

The worldwide shipping giant has signed on for three years as a sponsor of 17 ATP World Tour tournaments, while also gaining global marketing rights.  Now while this agreement will offer FedEx a plethora of exposure on both television and on, there is one way in which they are activating their sponsorship that has us most impressed.

In a play off their ability to provide reliable delivery service to customers, FedEx has developed the “FedEx Reliability Zone”, an online destination where fans can go to view in depth analysis of their favorite players, including match records and athlete consistency in every situation from opponents, pressure level and type of court surface.  By developing this great resource for fans and placing the information prominently on, FedEx is truly using their position as a sponsor to make a connection with not only tennis buffs, but with fans who are in need of a one stop destination to gear up on tour knowledge.

Hopefully other corporate sponsors can take a cue from FedEx by providing a great feature for fans that is also relevant to the service which their company provides.