Dehydrated Sponsorship?

While thousands of fans are making sure to fill up on water and stay hydrated underneath sunny skies at this year’s largest outdoor music festivals, event sponsors may be missing a solid opportunity. At various points around festival grounds, water filling stations are provided, affording all fans to take a drink, or fill up their plastic bottles. These filling stations, more often than not, turn out to be one of the most crowded destinations at any event, jam packed both day and night.

Copy of DSCF0013It comes as no surprise that the water filling stations were a hot (or rather cool) spot this summer, as festival promoters make no shortage of mentioning this feature in the months prior to their event. For example, before the recent Mile High Music Festival in Denver, Colorado, multiple media outlets, as well as the events website had made mention of the free water stations.

So while the fans are doing their part by drinking lots of liquid in the hot sun, why were the sponsors not present to promote their brand? The blank white space on these signs marking the activation offered a perfect canvas to display a company logo or brand image. Hopefully in the near future we see some sponsors take advantage of this opportunity.