COVID-19 is ratcheting up consumer anxiety about future events, but there are silver linings for the sports and entertainment industry

All industries have been impacted by the coronavirus’s spread, but live sports and entertainment events have absorbed a large portion of the impact of social distancing orders. As empty stadiums, canceled tours and postponements of Olympic proportions continue to make headlines, sports and entertainment industry stakeholders are left wondering: what does the future of events … Continued

Sponsor dropped by spokesperson after insensitive tweet, now that’s a switch!

Tensions have been high within the Formula One community after a racially insensitive tweet last week alluding to Presidential elect Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall between the Mexico U.S. border: “Mexicans, put on these sunglasses so your swollen eyes can’t be seen during tomorrow’s building of the wall.” While racially insensitive tweets can … Continued

What Happened?

What the election polls this year say about market research, sports, and the way we make decisions.   Here we are. The election results are in and a new Commander in Chief (like him or not) has been chosen. Donald Trump not only shocked the world, but defied the predictions of almost every political poll. … Continued

NASCAR’s Reed Sorenson’s Toyota carrying Trump / Pence paint scheme this weekend. Good or Bad for Associate Sponsors?

As the 2016 presidential election approaches, both presidential candidates are getting in some last minute campaigning. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Vice President hopeful Mike Pence will be featured on Reed Sorenson’s Toyota Camry for NASCAR’s Texas 500 Sunday, November 6. The Trump Pence Logo will appear on the Hood of Sorenson’s number 55 … Continued

Rio Got a Bad Rap

After spending the two weeks in Rio, traveling to and from venues, attending several events, and visiting all of the different Olympic regions, we can say, unequivocally, that Rio’s troubles were as overblown as Ryan Lochte’s fabricated robbery account. We at Performance Research deal in facts and direct observations, not media hype or hearsay. So, … Continued

Hey, College Football Sponsors: Read the Signs

College Football has developed its own language.  Although you won’t find Rosetta Stone College Football hitting stores any time soon, it is indeed real.  This language manifests itself in the form of pictures and symbols many top programs use for increasingly efficient sideline communication. Most of you have probably seen these images laminated on oversized … Continued

Sacramento Kings: Changing their Brand through Technology

Have you ever imagined watching a sports game through the eyes of the player, or better yet, a team’s mascot? That futuristic idea is becoming a reality in sporting events as the Sacramento Kings lead the way in integrating technology into sports. Piggy backing on last week’s eSports post, the Kings are also personifying the … Continued

A Press Release

Readers, we’re posting a recent Performance Research press release below. We’re all excited to analyze this weekend’s Daytona 500! Listening To the Fans: Performance Research Announces Groundbreaking Dive into the Conversations Posted From the Grounds of Daytona International Speedway Performance Research, the world’s leader in sponsorship evaluation, will be introducing EVsdrop, its groundbreaking geo-location based … Continued

When Sponsorship and Racism Collide

The proverbial has hit the fan in Hollywood, and sponsors scrambled to evacuate over the Sterling controversy. Sponsors of the Los Angeles Clippers were quick to strike after an audio recording of team owner Donald Sterling leaked last week containing racially insensitive commentary. More than a dozen corporate sponsors ended or suspended their relationships with … Continued