IEG Conference: The Future is Now

‘The Future is Now’ presentation at the 2015 IEG Conference highlighted the latest developments in events and measurement, including a demonstration of our newest technology, EVsdrop.

Performance Research presents at IEG 2011

Once again, IEG was a huge success! If you missed out on our Sponsorship ROI presentation take a look at the slide show in its entirety below. Of course, if you have any questions, shoot us a message anytime! [slideshare id=7665784&doc=performanceresearch-roi-110418120111-phpapp02&type=d] Presented by Jed Pearsall and Bill Doyle at the 2011 IEG Conference

Performance Research @ IEG 2010

Check out the presentation below from Jed Pearsall and Bill Doyle! [scribd id=28989021 key=key-xqa377l5v7s6rq2ndyk mode=slideshow] Any questions / comments?