Olympics and Scandal – What’s the real opinion?

It seems every time the Olympics roll around there begins to be a debate revolving around the purity of the event and the money being exchanged behind the scenes.  While many different opinions exist regarding the business side of the Olympics and how it may aide in a tarnished image, this is not always the … Continued

Naming Rights, Naming Wrongs : A Performance Research Independent Study

While only one football team has called a certain stadium in Miami home over the past 23 years, the stadium itself has been home to six different names.  Now while having your brand attached to something as grand as a stadium does offer a certain level of attention, how effective is owning these naming rights … Continued

Performance Research Independent Study : Consumers Switch To Sponsors Products

With the Daytona 500 approaching this weekend, thought we’d post a Performance Research Independent Study regarding NASCAR from 2000.   Check it out! __________________________________________________ Viagra and Lycos Outperform First Year Sponsors to NASCAR According to a recent study by Performance Research, an independent market research firm based in Newport, RI, Lycos and Viagra gained consumer recognition … Continued

PR Independent Research Study: The America’s Cup Ten Years Ago.

In light of the current running of the America’s Cup in Valencia, Spain, we decided to post one of our  Independent Studies regarding the worlds most prestigious race.  Check it out below and stay tuned for more……… _____________________________ Log-Ons and Sponsors and Boats, Oh My! Who knew sailors could surf?According to a nationwide study of … Continued

PR Independent Research Study. Turning Back to the Clock to 2002.

Below is an independent study that was conducted Fall 2002 in Times Square, NYC.   Keep coming back often, as we will be posting our Performance Research Independent Studies bi-weekly from now on…. _______________________________________________ TIMES SQUARE WARMED BY NISSIN CUP NOODLES AND REFRESHED BY COCA-COLA What can a company do to differentiate itself from the … Continued