Bell announces new deal with the Whitecaps

The new addition of the Bell logo to the Vancouver Whitecaps jersey is the latest sponsorship move by the Canadian telecom giant. Adding to an already full plate of sponsorship deals including the Canadian Open golf tournament, the 2012 Olympics, Speed Skating Canada, and the Montreal Impact Football Club, Bell and the Whitecaps announced Thursday their multi-year, multi-million dollar jersey sponsorship deal.

Bell Mobility President Wade Oosterman highlighted the uniqueness of the deal as it will give Whitecaps fans access to the latest Bell technology. Bell mobile clients will be able to view unique Whitecaps content on their smartphones next year – including live matches and behind-the-scenes access to players and coaches. The use of smartphone technology is an intelligent move by Bell as it provides an important service to connect with younger fans and to increase their fan base.

An important facet of the deal has Bell paying $100,000 a year to the Whitecaps Foundation which supports healthy living initiatives for youth across British Columbia. This aspect will provide additional positive spin for Bell, as attaching themselves to a cause helps to increase their brand image and develops an emotional connection with the community.

This is an interesting move by Bell as the company looks to expand their influence in home territory and ride the momentum of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.