AT&T Shoots and Scores!

As we have mentioned before on the Performance Research blog, certain activations have a way of reaching out, engaging people and in turn creating a lasting impression.  Now while not all activations hit the mark, we were happy to see a great showing from AT&T at a recent basketball related fan festival in San Antonio, Texas.

AT&T had a large corral where they offered seven different stations, each containing either a basketball themed game or the use of one of their products.  Once you visited every station, you were rewarded with an AT&T branded basketball themed gift.  What was so unique and beneficial to this activation was how they were able to seamlessly integrate their products with the sport, thus creating a great brand experience.

It’s good to see when sponsors take advantage of an opportunity like this and truly play on the passions of the crowd.  We’re looking forward to seeing more like this from AT&T and others!

"Shoot the basket with 3G Speed"