Didn’t Accenture drop Tiger?

While walking to my gate at Logan Airport in Boston last Thursday evening, I could not help but question the Accenture advertisements lining the walls.  Now one might say, “What’s questionable about Accenture adverts in an international airport?”, as the company is arguably the world’s largest consulting firm and Logan is one the world’s busiest airports.
Well, it is not the placement of the signage that spurred my reaction; it was the fact that the advertisements utilized Tiger Woods.  As we all know, Accenture relieved Woods from his postion underneath their sponsorship wing over a month ago as soon as the public began to get an in depth look into his unchaste lifestyle.
So, back to my questioning, how come Accenture, after a very decisive and public decision to drop Tiger, is still displaying ads featuring the golfer?  Does it not make sense that they would immediately pull and replace these ads?  Any thoughts?

Perhaps Accenture should look to remove all Tiger marketing materials sooner than later in order to make sure their point is made.