Olympic Food and Drink Sponsors: Some Not “Lovin’ It”

Should properties only accept sponsors whose brand images align exactly with their values? Last week, the London Assembly gave their answer: when it comes to the Olympics, absolutely. At their most recent meeting, the governmental body called for a ban on Olympic “junk food” sponsors — McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Cadbury, and Heineken were called out specifically … Continued

Grinds Our Gears: Branded VIP Areas

It’s our #1 marketing pet peeve, but we see them everywhere: heavily branded VIP areas. You’ve probably spotted them at a sporting event or outdoor concert — inviting, branded, roped-off VIP areas that are more often than not guarded by security personnel. It may seem like a move that makes a brand seem special or … Continued

NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Finals at Gillette Stadium

The Performance Research team was conducting research at the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Finals’ Fan Fest area at Gillette Stadium recently.             Lacrosse fans seemed to be having a blast at all of the different fan areas and activations. It was one of the more diverse fan zones we’ve seen, with live … Continued