Live from Newport – America’s Cup a Real Possibility

With one days notice, the city of Newport has put together a pep-rally and support gathering today to bring the America’s Cup into town. Thousands have showed up to hear members of the venue selection committee and America’s Cup dignitaries talk to the press about the real possibility of Newport hosting the next America’s Cup.

BP Oil Sponsorship Ramifications – The Full Report

Check out the presentation below to see the full results from the Performance Research independent study regarding the sponsorship ramifications in the wake of the BP oil spill. [slideshare id=6260898&doc=2010bpspillsponsorshipstudy-final-101220094915-phpapp02]

Holiday Spirit at the Airport?!

Just yesterday while waiting in yet another airport terminal, we noticed a great activation that actually enhances someones airport wait time experience!  In a co-branded effort from Microsoft and Southwest Airlines, the two companies have placed a photo booth in select airport terminals where travelers can pose in front of a snowy landscape and even … Continued