Soccer Fans Embrace Their Sponsors

A few years back we sent a soccer fan out into the store to see his process when shopping for products prior to a soccer match. It is plain to see that this fan truly appreciates sponsorship (and a good candy bar)! [youtube=]

True reaches Bermuda!

The crew of True arrived safely on the shore of Bermuda around 10 pm last night! Congrats everyone! Here is a picture of the crew back in Newport before departure (post arrival pics coming soon):

True is well on way to Bermuda!

While watching the start of the famed Newport Bermuda Race was beautiful, I am sure we would all like to be taking in the views that Performance Research President, Jed Pearsall, is experiencing right now.   True, the boat of which Jed is a crew member, has made serious progress over the past 3 days en … Continued

Performance Research / Survey Sampling International Study of Gulf Oil Tragedy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (6-15-2010) TOP LINE RESULTS: PERFORMANCE RESEARCH-SURVEY SAMPLING STUDY OF GULF OIL TRAGEDY New poll suggest Americans hold a dim view of BP and it is getting worse. In a two country poll conducted June 12th and 13th, 2010, by Performance Research, in conjunction with Survey Sampling International, of over 600 respondents, (half … Continued

Bell announces new deal with the Whitecaps

The new addition of the Bell logo to the Vancouver Whitecaps jersey is the latest sponsorship move by the Canadian telecom giant. Adding to an already full plate of sponsorship deals including the Canadian Open golf tournament, the 2012 Olympics, Speed Skating Canada, and the Montreal Impact Football Club, Bell and the Whitecaps announced Thursday … Continued

Lost in Plain Sight

When sponsoring an event, your affiliation is lost if you do not actively engage people. Just watching this video, you can see how signage is little more than clutter. Consumers want to be talked to, not shouted at! [youtube=]

Navigating the Toll Plaza

A recent bill in New Jersey would make it possible for major thoroughfares including the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike to accept funds from companies in exchange for advertising space at toll booths.  The bill, which has been approved by the transportation committee, was presented as a means to alleviate tax payer … Continued

Cell Provider Makes it Work!

This clip is a great example of how consumers appreciate you sponsoring events that they care about! Show your customers a good time and they will love you for it! [youtube=]