Vancouver crowd cheers for Joannie Rochette

Of all the outstanding and emotional performances that have highlighted the Winter Olympics thus far, one of them seems to be standing out as “the moment”.  This past Tuesday night, Canadian skater Joannie Rochette admittedly forced herself onto the ice for competition just two days after the death of her mother.  The 24 year old … Continued

Sponsors “Wrap Up” Vancouver

After Canada’s 7-3 victory over Russia last night, it is no surprise that Canadian pride is running at an all time high on the streets of Vancouver.   While it is always good to see a country’s spirit lifted by a great athletic performance, I was curious about how the sponsors were working to do the … Continued

Live from Vancouver

Last night while watching the Providence College Friars get picked apart on the basketball court by the Syracuse Orangemen I was anxiously awaiting any excuse to look away.  Luckily for me I started recieving transmissions from Performance Research execs Jed Pearsall and Bill Doyle. Bill mentioned how the presence of sponsorship activation was considerably less … Continued

Olympics and Scandal – What’s the real opinion?

It seems every time the Olympics roll around there begins to be a debate revolving around the purity of the event and the money being exchanged behind the scenes.  While many different opinions exist regarding the business side of the Olympics and how it may aide in a tarnished image, this is not always the … Continued

Naming Rights, Naming Wrongs : A Performance Research Independent Study

While only one football team has called a certain stadium in Miami home over the past 23 years, the stadium itself has been home to six different names.  Now while having your brand attached to something as grand as a stadium does offer a certain level of attention, how effective is owning these naming rights … Continued

Danica makes a splash in NASCAR

Go Daddy Team Rider Danica Parick not only helped to break gender barriers this past weekend by racing in Daytona, she helped to break television records as well.  “The Danica Effect” caused 4.2 million people to tune into Saturday’s NASCAR second-tier Nationwide Series Race.  The race had the highest cable viewership ever experienced by the … Continued

Value of the Olympic Seasons

Although the Olympics, regardless of the year or location, create a huge stir in both sports and business, it is apparent that the Summer Games and the athletes that compete in them are the clear bread winners. The Summer Olympics not only have a longer history, more sports and more recognizable athletes than the Winter … Continued

Tune in Tonight!

While I am hoping that everyone reading this is going to be in attendance tonight at the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony, unfortunately I know this is not the case.  However, no matter where around the world you may be, I encourage you to tune into the games. Everyone here at Performance Research is really excited … Continued

Performance Research Independent Study : Consumers Switch To Sponsors Products

With the Daytona 500 approaching this weekend, thought we’d post a Performance Research Independent Study regarding NASCAR from 2000.   Check it out! __________________________________________________ Viagra and Lycos Outperform First Year Sponsors to NASCAR According to a recent study by Performance Research, an independent market research firm based in Newport, RI, Lycos and Viagra gained consumer recognition … Continued

Torch Relay Sponsorship – What’s your opinion?

As we prepare for the Winter Olympics, with opening ceremonies coming this Friday evening, I wanted to take a chance to discuss an article that attracted my interest a few weeks back. The article, written on Canada’s CBC News website, talked about sponsorship of the Olympic Torch Relay, and how many spectators coming forward were … Continued