VP Bill Doyle speaks at 2010 NCAA Convention

Last Wednesday Performance Research Vice President Bill Doyle had the pleasure to speak at the 2010 NCAA Convention held in Atlanta, GA.  Bill spoke during a panel discussion titled “Fans: How to find them and how to keep them”. During this panel, he talked about the findings from Performance Research’s extensive research in regards to … Continued

Didn’t Accenture drop Tiger?

While walking to my gate at Logan Airport in Boston last Thursday evening, I could not help but question the Accenture advertisements lining the walls.  Now one might say, “What’s questionable about Accenture adverts in an international airport?”, as the company is arguably the world’s largest consulting firm and Logan is one the world’s busiest … Continued

If not for Safety, then at least for Chicken!

A recent article in USA Today presented an interesting partnership that had been going on in three different South Carolina counties.  The local law enforcement departments had teamed up with Chick-fil-A to hand out free sandwich coupons to drivers that were wearing their seat belt while pulled over during routine traffic stops. This partnership between … Continued

When a Billboard is more than a Billboard

Yesterday revealed an interesting marketing blitz in Times Square,  where clothing company Weatherproof placed a giant billboard displaying President Obama wearing one of their jackets while standing at the Great Wall of China.  Soon after discovering the existence of the billboard, the White House issued a letter to the company requesting that they remove the … Continued

Kraft is Bringing Down the House with it’s “Cheddar Explosion”

In an interesting sponsorship move out of Texas,  Kraft Foods has signed on to be the official sponsor of the Texas Stadium demolition, or the “Cheddar Explosion” as it has been dubbed. This deal was approved by a unanimous vote from the Irving City Council last Thursday. As per the agreement, Kraft is receiving sponsorship … Continued

Where’s the pizza, Little Ceasar?

Amongst all the college football bowl games going on this month, one in particular is standing out in my thoughts.  This game, the Little Ceasar Pizza Bowl, took place last week in Detroit with a battle between Marshall and Ohio. Little Caesars, who took over title sponsorship for the first time this year, was hailed … Continued