Sponsorship of Volunteers?

Over the past few years certain numbers have been dropping all around us. But while incomes, employments rates and budgets have been on the decline, it’s surprising to see that one number is actually up. We are referring to the increase of volunteers in the United States. Whether or not people are volunteering more due … Continued

Engaged at Futbol Fiesta

If you have ever been to the Futbol Fiesta prior to a Mexican National Soccer Team game then you already know that it offers a party like atmosphere including loud music, games, player appearances, and dozens of other activations presented by the sponsors. If you are a first timer (like I was last month in … Continued

Isn’t it worth saving the Soap Box Derby?

We all know that the current economic state has affected the way that companies spend their marketing and sponsorship budgets in regards to major sports properties like NASCAR and the PGA. If we take a deeper look, we can also see how the little guy is being affected by corporate budget cuts. One example is … Continued

Mexican National Game @ the Cotton Bowl / Texas State Fair

Some of the Performance Research team spent last week in Dallas at the Texas State Fair, which also was hosting a soccer game between Mexico and Colombia! The crew spent most of their time conducting surveys, but don’t worry, everyone found time for a few carnival games and fried candy bars! Here’s the crew after … Continued

Congrats to Rio – Will sponsors take advantage?

Rio wins the Olympic bid! Just moments ago, the IOC announced Rio as the as the host city for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. As the first Olympiad ever to take place in South America, Rio 2016 promises to be a tremendous marketing opportunity for all IOC and USOC sponsors. Will you be ready? Marketing … Continued